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Not all essential oil bottles are the same. While plastic containers and clear glass bottles tend to be cheaper, they do little to safeguard the safety of your product. The nylea super pack of 8 essential oil bottles is designed to effectively tackle all your liquid storage needs. Easily and convenient package, refill, and transport essential oils, perfumes, sprays, cleaning solutions, and any other type of liquid. Each amber glass bottle in our pack comes with UV protection, a durable glass construct, and a tight cap that is fitted with a dropper for easier dispensing of the product. Retail pack at wholesale rate get a pack of 8 10ml essential oil bottles at wholesale rate. This pack is designed for the needs of businesses, salons, or spas that need to refill or repackage essential oil for sale. Individual customers can also get this pack so they can bring along their favorite. The Nylea Ultra Pack of 8 amber glass bottles available at wholesale pricing is the perfect set. Each bottle stores 1 oz of any liquid, and is designed from corrosion-resistant, anti-shock glass that is highly durable so you get maximum value for your money  Take advantage of our dropper bottles that are built to safely store any type of liquid. UV protected amber glass surface makes sure that your product is safeguarded from Ultraviolet radiation. Whether you’re simply storing your favorite oil for daily use, or repackaging product for sale, this pack will suffice.   package your oil in our elegant, professional-looking amber glass bottles. Each bottle in our pack comes with a tight-fitting cap that is also fitted with a glass stopper for easier dispensing of essential oils and other liquids.
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Spray bottles are available in a diverse range of shapes and sizes - from use and throw plastic containers to atomizers. Nylea glass spray bottles are designed to suit versatile DIY applications in your home. Amber coated to protect against the harmful effects of UV radiation, our bottles come with phenolic caps, a stainless steel funnel, and a plastic pipette. The airtight cap mechanism keeps your contents intact and protects against messy spills in case a bottle is knocked over. Nylea premium spray bottles are an excellent way to handle cleaning products, essential oil, and diverse liquid products. Perfect for indoor DIY applications Nylea mist spray bottles are suited for a wide range of household applications - from cleaning glasses and household items to aromatherapy and personal care. Create homemade mixtures that can be used in carpet cleaning, cosmetics, as well as freshening up your home environment. You can also refill with insect repellent to get rid of annoying bugs in your backyard. Each bottle can hold 8 oz of essential oils, cleaning solutions, or whatever other product - and are easily refillable for convenient long term use. FEATURES • PACKAGE SAFELY WITH NYLEA AMBER GLASS BOTTLES - are you looking for excellent glass spray bottles to securely and conveniently package liquid products? This Nylea bottle pack is perfect for versatile applications because it allows 3 spray settings - mist, stream, & off. Each glass bottle is BPA free and amber coated to protect essential oils and other liquid products from the suns harmful UV rays. • MULTI-USE SPRAY BOTTLES FOR ALL YOUR DIY APPLICATIONS - would you prefer to use dependable and multipurpose spray bottles that will suit all your needs? Each glass bottle in this pack is purse-sized and travel-friendly, great for home, bathroom, kitchen, aromatherapy, and more. Get one spray bottle pack that you can use with your essential oils, cleaning, beauty, cooking, and diverse other applications. • GET MORE VALUE FOR MONEY WITH A TRIPLE PACK - looking for a retail pack of amber spray bottles at wholesale pricing? This pack includes 3 BPA-free, food grade, safe, and recyclable amber spray bottles. Each one of our bottles is also lightweight, travel-friendly, and works well for liquids and oil/water mixtures. Whats more, you get BONUS accessories: 3 phenolic caps and 1 plastic pipette. • USE REFILLABLE BOTTLES TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT - how about replacing store sourced plastic bottles with easily recyclable spray bottles? Nylea glass spray bottles contain zero chemicals (unlike plastic bottles), making sure no unwanted hazards seep into your products. Each bottle in this product pack is durable, refillable, eco-friendly, and utterly safe for use with all your spray bottle applications. • PREMIUM QUALITY SPRAY BOTTLES OR YOUR MONEY BACK - you get a pack of 3 amber coated spray bottles with phenolic caps, a stainless steel funnel, and a plastic pipette. If for any reason youre not happy with this product, let us know and well make it right. At Nylea, we are a customer-centric brand that aims to consistently deliver high-quality products. Order your pack risk free today with our premium brand guarantee.



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